Computer Engineering Cider Seminars

Upcoming Seminars

Cryptography Hardware Implementation Issues

Thanos Stouraitis
University of Patras, Greece
Wednesday, November 14, 2012
noon-1pm, GB244

Past Seminars

Where and when are Ciders held?

There are usually 1 or 2 Ciders held every month, and are usually held in the Galbraith Building (GB) 221, 35 St. George Street at the University of Toronto. Please watch out for e-mails announcing the cider, or visit the website on a regular basis for exact time and location for a Cider. Feel free to bring your lunch along.

What are Cider seminars?

Cider seminars are talks where you spend an hour of your time getting informed about recent developments in hot areas of computer engineering. You get to know your peers and of their work. Occasionally, you present your own work and get valuable feedback (think of it, it's a good bargain: you get many experts to comment on your work for free).

A long tradition in our University, the Cider/Computer engineering seminar is a weekly gathering of students and faculty interested in all aspects of computer engineering. The seminar's objectives are not only to familiarize attendees with recent research developments in computer engineering and to ongoing research at Toronto, but also to expose students to valuable presentation techniques and informal peer review.

Who presents Ciders?

Most presentations are by PhD and Master's students, however, computer engineering professors, visiting professors, post-docs, and people in the computering engineering industry are all welcome to present.

What do I present at a Cider?

Speakers may choose to present their own research or recent publications from computer engineering conferences or related fields. Speakers summarize the research contributions and key concepts while audience is encouraged to actively participate by commenting on the ideas and value of the presented work. Students interested in all aspects of computer engineering are strongly encouraged to attend and present.

Who attends Ciders?

All grad students, faculty and visiting academics who are interested in a specific Cider topic, or in the general field of computer engineering are welcome. Students interested in all aspects of computer engineering are strongly encouraged to attend and present.

How do I schedule a Cider talk?

Send an email to cideradm [at] eecg [dot] toronto [dot] edu with a brief description of the presentation and a short biography.

Why are they called Ciders?

Part of the Cider tradition is to serve hot apple cider to seminar attendees (and presenters, of course). Bring a mug along.