AppGate MindTerm is a Java implementation of a secure shell client. It is available free of charge for personal and non-commercial use.

For your convenience, the following form will start up the MindTerm applet (if your browser supports Java 1.1 or later).

The applet you can access here is a digitally-signed applet. You can grant the signed applet permission to read or write your local files; this allows the applet to connect to any host, upload and download files, and enables many more features.

You can also access MindTerm as an unsigned applet here. MindTerm will not be able to provide all of its features when launched this way, and will only permit you to connect to the host you downloaded the applet from; however, it will still give you a simple way to connect to EECG and it is provided in case you encounter problems with the signed applet.

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