The Design and Implementation of the NUMAchine Multiprocessor


This paper describes the design and implementation of the NUMAchine multiprocessor. As the market for CC-NUMA multiprocessors expands, this research project provides a timely architectural design and cost-effective prototype. The key to the successful implementation of our 48-processor prototype is the use of off-the-shelf components and programmable logic devices. Since this machine will serve as a research vehicle for parallel software development, a number of hardware features to enhance experimentation have been included in the design.


Alex Grbic, Stephen D. Brown, Steve Caranci, Robin Grindley, Mitch Gusat, Guy Lemieux, Kelvin Loveless, Naraig Manjikian, Sinisa Srbljic, Michael Stumm, Zvonko Vranesic and Zeljko Zilic, "The Design and Implementation of the NUMAchine Multiprocessor," IEEE Design Automation Conference, San Francisco, June 1998, pp. 66-69.

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