FPGA PLB Evaluation using Quantified Boolean Satisfiability


This paper describes a novel Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) logic synthesis technique which determines if a logic function can be implemented in a given programmable circuit and describes how this problem can be formalized and solved using Quantified Boolean Satisfiability. This technique is general enough to be applied to any type of logic function and programmable circuit; thus, it has many applications to FPGAs. The application demonstrated in this paper is FPGA PLB evaluation where the results show that this tool allows radical new features of FPGA logic blocks to be evaluated in a rigorous scientific way.


Andrew C. Ling, Deshanand P. Singh and Stephen D. Brown, "FPGA PLB Evaluation using Quantified Boolean Satisfiability," in IEE Proceedings on Computers and Digital Techniques, Volume 153, Number 3, May 2006, pp. 165-172. ISSN 1350-2387 Invited Journal Paper

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