Hart House Amateur Radio Club
University of Toronto HAM Radio


Hart House Programme Advisor:
Rita Kloss (416)978-2446 ?
Club Chair:
John McLaren (416)481-6301 jmclaren@oise.on.ca


Our club, licenced as VE3UOT, operates on 8 bands (160,80,40,20,15,10,2m,70cm). Using ``long distance skip'' off the ionosphere, we have made contacts in over 200 countries. On the technical side, we operate on satellites and digital packet radio. Licenced members have 24 hour access to the station.

Get Your Licence

Several years back, the ham examination got a whole lot easier when the Federal Department of Communications dropped Morse Code from the test. Find out about our club's free 3 week course and examination. If you already know the material, contact John about writing the exam at a mutually convenient time.


Membership costs $5 to unlicensed members (even if you get your license during the year) and $10 for licensed members. You can pick up your membership card at the Hall Porter's desk in Hart House.

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Author: Duncan Elliott VE3PKD dunc@eecg.utoronto.ca