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Keeping Informed

Since our group is quite spread out, there is no central place where notices etc. are posted (although the doors to the eecg areas are used for displaying important notices). Our solution is to make use of email and messages.

Some important e-mail addresses are:

  • exec – EECG Student executive

  • labadm – lab maps, student information, mailing lists (including cider list)

  • ciberadm – schedule a cider seminar, maintain cider web-pages

  • local – fixes and changes made to the system

  • sflab – all SF2206 and SF2206 students

  • lp392 – all LP392 students

  • ba4182 – all BA4182 students

  • ba5000 – all BA5000 students

  • ba5158 – all BA5158 students

  • ea305 – all EA305 students

  • ea306 – all EA306 students

  • lp372 – all LP372 students

  • ea104 – all EA104 students

  • profs – Computer and Electronics group profs

  • cggrads – Computer Group Grads

  • eggrads – Electronic Group Grads

  • grads – all Computer Group and Electronic Group grads

  • cider – includes profs, cggrads, and eggrads; used for announcing seminars and gatherings of interest to both groups

EECG Mailing List Requests

Note that some of the mailing lists listed above have to be signed up for. Please fill out this form in order to do so

Please answer the following in a Netscape or Mozilla browser and then press submit (otherwise, please hand-edit your email to contain the information required in the following fields):

First name:
Last name:
Degree in progress:
Year degree started:
ECE Group
Office room (and desk if you know it) eg LP392-7
Office phone number
Full email address (one you read often)

EECG graduate admin
Last updated June 2004