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Taking graduate courses is different than taking undergraduate courses. It is a very informal process since students in graduate studies come from a diverse undergrad background. The process generally includes "shopping" for classes the first few weeks, which involves sitting in lectures. Once you have a few courses that catch your interest, you are to enroll in them. Note that you can enroll into more courses then you actually want to take, but you must drop them before a specified date if you don't want to have any penalties. Enrollment involves first filling out a course form which can be obtained from the EECG graduate office. This form must be signed by your supervisor. If you don't have a supervisor selected yet, Professor Steffan has authorization to sign the form as well. After the form is completed and handed in, it will be reviewed by the EECG graduate office. Once they approve it, they will contact you, usually via e-mail, and you can enroll officially for the courses on ROSI. You will use ROSI to add, drop, or change courses. This will only work online if specified deadlines are met, otherwise, you will have to see the Graduate Office in person.

As a graduate student, the University of Toronto allows you to audit courses which means you can take the course, but you will not be graded for that course. This does not involve any paper work for EECG course, you simply can sit in the lectures. However, if you want to audit an outside course, such as a language course, you will probably need to get official documentation. See the professor of the course and ask them who to see for auditing purposes. Common outside courses for auditing include business and second languages courses.

Currently,you are required to take three courses in the first term and two in the second term. Comments of others who have taken courses are useful. Project courses are usually more work than other courses, but you might learn more. The graduate courses offered in ECE can be found in the ECE Graduate Handbook

The Department of Computer Science also offers many courses of interest. Their course evaluations are available in the DCS Grad Office, SF3304.

EECG graduate admin
Last updated June 2004