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If all goes well, you should be finishing up your degree after X years (X to be determined by the degree and yourself). Once you are ready to defend, you must set up a defense.

The first step is to talk to Judith Leven in SF1107 where she should give to a defense package and instructions on what to do.

For a Master's Thesis, you will only need to have one defense, where you committee will consist of your supervisor, two professors of your choosing, and a chair. The chair is a professor not part of the Computer Group, but who is in ECE. The other two professors are generally taken from within the Computer Group, but this is not a strict rule. Also, you may choose more addition professors if you wish.

As for a Ph.D. Thesis, you will have two defenses, one internal and one external. The internal defense consists of a committee similar to the Master's defense and is open to a public audience. The external defense, however, is not open and must include one professor from outside of the University of Toronto. Because of this, you will need at least six weeks in advance to setup your defense.

There are a couple acceptable thesis templates that you can choose from as listed below. Also, you may visit the online thesis repository for other example theses completed in the computer group.

  • LaTex Thesis Example 1 ( Source )
  • LaTex Thesis Example 2 ( Source )
  • Word Doc Thesis Example 1

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