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This is probably the most important decision you will make when starting your graduate program. Your first choice of a supervisor need not be a permanent one. You will need your supervisor's signature to get computer accounts, building keys, access cards, and other such useful items. Having co-supervisors is not unheard of. Take the initiative to contact professors who have similar interests to yours. Professor Greg Steffan (EA321) is the current Graduate Coordinator for the Computer Group.

Taking graduate courses will make you more familiar with the professors in the group. However, it is recommended that you have a few supervisors in mind before you start your graduate studies. Ideally, you should have one selected before the term starts, but this is not always possible, especially for those students not native to Toronto. Professors are more then happy to talk to potential grad students. E-mail and phone is often a good way to make first contact with professors you are interested in. Also, after being accepted to the University of Toronto, two Professors have selected you as possible candidates for their new graduate students. Find out who these professors are from Professor Greg Steffan, or one of the ECE graduate staff. Often, one of these two professors will want to be your supervisor. Ultimately, it is the Professor's choice on who they will work with, generally this comes down to available funding and compatibility in research interests.

Commonly, you should be selecting Professors from the EECG group only; however, there are exceptions where you can seek Professors in other groups. This is usually possible only if you have a specific thesis topic in mind and if the Professor agrees to take you on. For a list of academic staff in the ECE department, please see For a face board of the ECE staff, please see

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Last updated June 2004