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There are fridges in SF2205, LP392, and EA104. Please keep them clean! If you use the fridge, you should volunteer to clean it occasionally. There is a microwave in SF2205 (affectionately known as the lunch room) and in LP392. On campus, the closest food to be found is in the Engineering cafeteria in the basement, and the Medical Science cafeteria inside the Med-Sci building. Off campus, there are plenty of fast-food places on Bloor Street, inexpensive pizza joints at Spadina & Harbord St. (diagonally opposite the U of T Athletic Centre), and plenty of Chinese food on Baldwin, Spadina, or Dundas St (further South, and West). If you prefer pub fare (cheap chicken wings are a weekly favourite among lab dwellers), Rowers, The Ferret and Firkin, Duke of York, The Madison, and The Hare and the Hound are all within 15 mins by foot. On College St itself, opposite Wallberg building, are a couple of decent coffee shops, Druxy's and The Second Cup, as well as a good pub-style restaurant, O'Grady's. Ask around the lab for info about which restaurants are worthwhile.

There are also several meal plans offered at student residences. What this means is that you will be offered a buffet style meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for about $300 / month. The great thing about this is that it saves you time since you will not have to cook or clean dishes. The bad thing is that you are forced to eat what's on the menu; however, they usually have a wide variety of choices. Please see: to see what U of T has to offer.

If you are more of a self cooker, there are several grocery stores including No Frills and Dominion. Toronto even offers a grocery delivery service, where you only pay $5-$10 for delivery ( Downtown campus is located very close to China Town (Spadina & Dundas) and Kensignton Market (Kensignton Street, south of College & Spadina) which probably has the cheapest groceries out there. It's probalby worth the visit just to check things out.

EECG graduate admin
Last updated June 2004