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Computer Group Student Executives

A student committee exists to try and create a sense of community amongst the graduate students in the group. Currently, the committee is formed by volunteer students. Every January, a new committee will be elected through a vote. All students are encouraged to run for the positions, especially new students. If you are interested in any of the positions, contact the current President. These Student Executives are responsible for various things, such as running group seminars, organizing intramural teams, arranging coffee and donuts/pizza get togethers, group lunches, maintaining group periodicals and theses, and helping new-comers.

The current committee members and a description of their responsibilities is given below:

  1. President/Treasurer: Imad Ferzli [ferzli AT eecg]
    - handles the GSU funds account;
    - graduate student staff representative;
    - coordinates activities of other student volunteers.

  2. Cider: Navid Azizi and Ian Kuon [nazizi AT eecg and ikuon AT eecg]
    - responsible for running the Cider series;
    - responsible for running other events.

  3. Publications Chair: Andrew Ling [aling AT eecg]
    - updates The EECG Student Guide;
    - maintains the group library of theses;
    - manages subscriptions to periodicals.

  4. WWW Chair: [vacant]
    - updates EECG Website;
    - maintains an online version of group publications.

  5. Social Committee
    - responsible for organizing EECG activities and socials.

The Social Committee ideally has at least one member from every room used by the Computer Group. This helps to keep everyone informed of activities for the group. Rooms that are currently occupied by Computer Group graduate students include Pratt (PT) 372, 392, and 476; Sanford Fleming (SF) 2202 and 2206; and the Engineering Annex (EA) 305 and 306.

Last Updated: 2004-06-18