I was borned in Mississauga, a Toronto suburb, in 1979. To be brief, Toronto is where I have spent most of my life and I am a proud Canadian for it. I attended high school at the University of Toronto Schools where I still maintain many ties with both friends and faculty.

Following high school, I enrolled in the Division of Engineering Science at the University of Toronto, speciallizing in the electrical option. Between my third and fourth year of study, I took a one year leave when offered a student position at Actel Corp. Following my internship, I returned to Toronto where I completed my Bachelors degree and graduated in May 2003.

As of September 2003, I became an MASc candidate at the Univsity of Toronto under the supervision of Jonathan Rose. The focus of my research is Electrical Optimization in the Automated Design of FPGAs.

Anthony Chan died on Monday October 25th, 2004. This web page is maintained in the state he left it in, as an honour to his memory.