I am currently an MASc Candidate at the University of Toronto under the supervision of Jonathan Rose. My graduate work will focus on expanding upon the work I began in my undergraduate thesis.

The topic of my graduate thesis is Electrical Optimization in the Automated Design of FPGAs . This work is part of a larger project with the goal of automating the design of FPGAs. Previous work has yielded a final chip layout given only an architectural description. The goal of my research will be to add additional optimization of the electrical structures within this design flow.

As part of my graduate degree, I have completed the following courses:

ECE534 - Integrated Circuit Engineering
ECE1352 - Analog Integrated Circuits I
ECE1388 - VLSI Design Methodology
ECE1762 - Algorithms and Data Structures
ECE1769 - Behavioral Synthesis of Digital Integrated Circuits

I have been a Teaching Assitant for the following courses:

Fall 2003, Spring 2004: ECE241 - Digital Systems