Personal Vision

My vision is the complete automation of work in the world. People should do whatever interests them. People can travel, socialize, play, dine, relax, etc and leave the production and distribution of goods and services to machines.

I view FPGAs as the "meta" part of automation. Not only are FPGAs found in automation applications, they can also be used to eliminate a large amount of work in the supply-chain by centralizing electrical design at the vendor thus allowing any digital developer to develop their own applications without dealing with the complexities and costs of electrical design. For example, students in second year university have created custom processors on the programmable fabric of an FPGA in the short span of a month with their designs tested and working in deep submicron technology; this development speed and cost is not something that would be feasible if they needed to fabricate their chips at a foundry. Thus, FPGAs are one (among many) enabling technologies for automation in its many forms. I believe that developments in the field of improving the FPGAs themselves will eventually lead to the improvement of the quality of human life through its impact on automation.

Some personal vision humour: There is a joke that computer and software engineers are the most foolish of professions because success is measured in how quickly one can automate oneself out of a job. This got me thinking along the lines that perhaps the key to advancement in society is the replacement of jobs. For example, if it takes a hundreds of engineers to design, test, and deploy a chip, that number should be cut down as low as possible (ideally 0) for the same or better final result. This would make the world a better place because we get more benefit for less work.