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ECE334S - Digital Electronics - Spring 2011


This course is an introduction to building digital integrated circuits with emphasis on the transistor level aspects of IC design. Topics to be covered are CMOS logic design, integrated circuit processing, layout design, transistor sizing, combinational circuit design, sequential logic, power dissipation, crossing clock domains, memory circuits, and I/O circuits.

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David A. Johns    Email:     Office: BA5144 (inside of BA5145)

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"CMOS VLSI Design" (fourth edition) by N.H. E. Weste and D. Harris, Addison Wesley, 2010     ISBN: 0321547748

(the third edition can also be used)

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Monday    1-2pm     GB220

Thursday   1-2pm    GB119

Friday        2-3pm    BA1180

Lec # Topic Textbook Section Lecture Notes
Introduction 1.1, 1.2 Intro.pdf
CMOS logic 1.3-1.4 cmos_logic_intro.pdf
CMOS logic 1.4
CMOS Layout 1.5 Layout.pdf
Ideal MOS transistors 2.1, 2.2 mos_transistors.pdf
Simple MOS Capacitance 2.3
Detailed MOS Capacitance 2.3
Non-ideal effects 2.4 non_ideal_mos_effects.pdf
Non-ideal effects 2.4
DC Transfer Characteristics 2.5 inverter_dc_analysis.pdf
DC Transfer Characteristics 2.5
Delay Estimation 4.2 delay estimation.pdf
Delay Estimation 4.2
Transistor sizing, unit delay estimation 4.3
Inverter Chain Sizing 4.3,4.5 inverter_chain_sizing.pdf
Review Lecture
Power Dissipation 5.1 power_dissipation.pdf
Power Dissipation 5.2
Power Dissipation 5.2
CMOS Processing 3.2 processing.pdf
CMOS Processing 3.2 Silicon Run Video
Elmore Delay 4.3 Elmore_Delay.pdf
Interconnect Delay 6.1 Interconnect.pdf
Schmitt Trigger Circuits Schmitt.pdf
Circuit Families: Static CMOS, Ratioed 9.2 digital_mos_circuits.pdf
Circuit Families: CVSL, Dynamic 9.2
Synchronous Design 10.2 synchronous_design.pdf
Synchronous Design 10.2 synchronous_design_b.pdf
Register Circuits, setup and hold timing 10.3 Register_setup_hold.pdf
Synchronizers 10.6 metastability.pdf
Synchronizers 10.6
Memory Intro 12.1 memory_01.pdf
SRAM memory 12.2
Review Lecture 12.2 memory_02.pdf
DRAM memory 12.3
ROM memory 12.4
EEPROM,Flash memory memory_03.pdf
IC Packaging 13.2 packaging.pdf
Power Distribution 13.3 power_distribution.pdf
Clock Design 13.4 clock_design.pdf
Review Lecture

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Tutorials (roughly weekly)

The first tutorial is on Jan 18

TUT      01     Fri     11am-noon     HA410

TUT      02     Tue     4-5pm           HA410

Tutorial Schedule

Jan 18, 21

Jan 25, 28

Feb 1, 4

Feb 8

Feb 18

Mar 1, 4

Mar 8, 11

Mar 15

Mar 25

Mar 29, Apr 1

Apr 5, 8

You can attend whichever tutorial better suits your schedule (though be aware that

seating could be difficult if many choose the same tutorial).

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The laboratory information is available here.

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Your final grade will be determined by:

Final Exam      50%

Term Test 1     20%

Term Test 2     20%

Laboratory      10%

Term test 1      Wed, Feb 9      7-9pm      Location: HA403

Term test 2      Wed, Mar 16      7-9pm      Location: HA403

No aid sheet is allowed for tests. Any calculator type is allowed.

The equation sheet for all tests is here: equation_sheet.pdf

This equation sheet will be available as the last page on all tests.

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Questions and comments regarding the lecture can be directed to:

David Johns

The tutors names and emails are:

Saber Amini:
Yunzhi (Rocky) Dong:
Meysam Zargham:
Guangzhao (Andy) Zhang:

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Problem Sets

Problem Set 1 - Solutions 1 To be taken up Jan 18, Jan 21 tutorials

Problem Set 2 - Solutions 2 To be taken up in Jan 25, 28 tutorials

Problem Set 2b - Solutions 2b To be taken up in Feb 1, 4 tutorials

Problem Set 3 - Solutions 3 To be taken up in Feb 8 tutorial

Problem Set 4 - Solutions 4 To be taken up Mar 1, 4 tutorials

Problem Set 5 - Solutions 5 To be taken up Mar 11, 15 tutorials

Problem Set 6 - Solutions 6 To be taken up Mar 25, 29 tutorials

Problem Set 7 - Solutions 7 To be taken up Mar 25, 29 tutorials

Problem Set 8 - Solutions 8 To be taken up Apr 1, 5

Problem Set 9 - Solutions 9 To be taken up Apr 8

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Term_Test_02_2011 and Term_Test_02_2011_solutions

Final_exam_2011 and Final_exam_2011_solutions

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