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ECE354F - Electronic Circuits - Spring 2014


This course is focussed on analog electronics with an emphasis on transistor level design of integrated circuits. Topics to be covered include transistor amplifiers (differential and multistage amplifiers), integrated circuit biasing techniques, output stage design and IC amplifier building blocks, frequency response of amplifiers, stability and compensation techniques for amplifiers using negative feedback.

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David A. Johns    Email:     Office: BA5144 (inside of BA5145)

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"Microelectronic Circuits" (sixth edition) by A.S. Sedra and K.C. Smith, Oxford University Press, 2009     ISBN: 0195323033

We will be covering chapters 7-12.

For the chapter on Feedback, we will be covering the material "Feedback circuit analysis using return ratio" in

"Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits" (fifth edition) by P. Gray, P. Hurst, S. Lewis and R. Meyer, Wiley & Sons, 2009 ISBN: 978-0-470-24599-6

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Mon    9-10am    WB130 (first lecture is Mon, Jan 6, 2013)

Wed    3-5pm    BA1210

Last day for lectures - April 10, 2014

Reading week: Feb 17-21, 2014

Lec # Topic Textbook Section Lecture Notes Date
Introduction intro.pdf Jan 6
Circuit Review circuit_review.pdf
Transistor Review trans_review.pdf
Gain Cell 7.2 gain_cell.pdf Jan 13
Cascode Amp 7.3 (mosfet) cascode_amp.pdf
Multi-Stage Amps notes multi_stage_amps.pdf
Current Mirrors 7.4, 7.5 (mosfet), 12.2.7 current_mirrors.pdf Jan 20
Diff Amps 8.1 diff_amps.pdf
Diff Amps 8.2 (diff amps notes)
Diff Amps 8.4, 8.5, 8.6 (mosfet) (diff amps notes) Jan 27
Freq Response Review Appendix F freq_review.pdf
Single-Time Constant Circuits Appendix E single_time_constant.pdf
Low Freq Response 9.1.1 low_freq.pdf Feb 3
Mos Capacitor Model 9.2.1, 9.44 mos_cap_model.pdf
High-Frequency Poles 9.3.1, 9.5.2 high_freq.pdf
Term Test 1 Feb 10
High-Frequency Poles 9.62 (high freq notes) Feb 24
High-Frequency Poles 9.6.2, 9.7.1 (high freq notes)
Intro to Feedback 10.1, 10.2 intro_feedback.pdf
Four Types of Feedback 10.3 four_type_feedback.pdf
Loop Gain Analysis (Gray/Hurst textbook) loop_gain_analysis.pdf
Loop Gain Analysis (Gray/Hurst textbook) (loop gain notes) Mar 10
Loop Gain Analysis (Gray/Hurst textbook) (loop gain notes)
Term Test 2 Mar 17
Negative Resistors negative_resistor.pdf
Stability of Feedback Circuits 10.10, 10.11,

10.12, 10.13

Loop Gain Simulation LG_simulation.pdf Mar 24
Power Amp BJT transistor review,

(transistor review notes)
Power Amp (class A)

11.1, 11.2

Power Amp (class B) 11.3 (power amps notes) Mar 31
Power Amp (class AB) 11.4 (power amps notes)
Biasing Class AB 11.5 (power amps notes)
CMOS Class AB 11.6 (power amps notes)
CMOS Class AB 11.6 (power amps notes)
Thermal Analysis 11.7 thermal_analysis.pdf April 7
Compound Devices 11.8.2 compound_devices.pdf
Two Stage Opamp 12.1 two_stage_opamp.pdf

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TUT01     Thu      1-2pm      WB219 (first tutorial is Jan 16)

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The laboratory information is available here.

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Your final grade will be determined by:

Final Exam      50%

Term Test 1     17.5%     Feb 10     9-10am     WB130

Term Test 2     17.5%     Mar 17     9-10am     WB130 Term test 2 will cover up to the end of loop gain analysis

Laboratory      15%

No aid sheet is allowed for tests. Non-programmable calculator type is allowed.

An equation sheet is avail on tests and exam. It can be found here: equation_sheet.pdf

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Questions and comments regarding the lectures can be directed to:

David Johns

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Problem Sets

Problem Set 1 - Solutions 1 To be taken up in tutorial on Jan 16

Problem Set 2 - Solutions 2 To be taken up in tutorial on Jan 23

Problem Set 3 - Solutions 3 To be taken up in tutorial on Jan 30

Problem Set 4 - Solutions 4 To be taken up in tutorial on Feb 6

Problem Set 5 - Solutions 5 Useful for term test 1

Problem Set 6 - Solutions 6 To be taken up in tutorial on Feb 27

Problem Set 7 - Solutions 7 To be taken up in tutorial on Mar 6

Problem Set 8 - Solutions 8 To be taken up in tutorial on Mar 13

Problem Set 9 - Solutions 9 To be taken up in tutorial on Mar 13

Problem Set 10 - Solutions 10 To be taken up in tutorial on Mar 27

Problem Set 11 - Solutions 11 To be taken up in tutorial on Apr 3

Problem Set 12 - Solutions 12 To be taken up in lecture on Apr 9

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