Helpful Resources

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University of Toronto

bullet Information about the Instrumentation Lab, GB341
bullet Teaching Assistant Training Manual
bullet PDF format (900 kB)

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Online Electronics Documentation

Online SPICE User's Guide (Version 2G)

Hspice manual (Version 98.2)[PDF]

Tutorial papers on analog circuits 

This collection was compiled from the term papers of graduate students in my ECE1352 and ECE1371 graduate courses. They are intended as a literature survey to specific areas of analog circuits. 

Electronics Group Student  Home Page

Supporting the graduate students involved in analog and RF wireless integrated circuits, this web site provides useful information to new students, and contains practical technical tips, templates, files, commentary, etc.

Electronics Resources

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WWW Virtual Library for Electrical Engineering

Semiconductor Subway

Chip Directory

Byrne's Online Datasheet Resource

Circuits Archive

Yahoo's Electrical Engineering Index

Lexicon of Semiconductor Terms, Abbreviations, and Acronyms

EDN Design Ideas Database

Wireless Optical Communications

Information on making printed circuit boards

bullet  - A list of commercial software packages  for designing PCB's. The main features and limitations of each package are listed to help students.
bullet - A collection of files and links to material about making PC boards.
bullet "How to make really good Homemade PCBs" from Mike's Electric Stuff web site.
bullet - Tips on Making Excellent Printed Circuit Boards
bullet - All you need is a laser printer, our transfer paper and a special applicator device called a SuperFuser.
bullet - Press 'n Peel mask sheets

PCB Manufacturers

bullet Precision Circuits Canada  16 Strathearn Ave., Brampton, Ontario, 905-793-5663
bullet Network Circuits Inc., 145 Riviera Dr., Markham, Ontario, 905-470-0515
bullet AP Circuits  (Alberta Printed Circuits) Online service
bullet Supremetronic Inc.   289 College St., Toronto, Ontario, 416-967-9333
bullet OLIMEX Ltd., (Bulgaria), ships to North America. Apparently quite fast and reasonably priced.


Electronics History

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Outstanding Canadian pioneers of early radio and radar:


Edward Samuel Rogers Sr. (1900-1939)

Photos of my antique Rogers Radio (circa 1940/1941)


Reginald Aubrey Fessenden (1866-1932)


Frederick J. Heath (1916-1999)

Sites celebrating the 100th anniversary of Guglielmo Marconi's historic trans-Atlantic radio transmission:

bullet Web site of  the Marconi Foundation


General Interest

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Welcome to Toronto!

CBC Radio's Home Page

Mapquest: A global map database

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Last updated: May 25, 2006