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Ken Martin

Stanley Ho Professor of Microelectronics

Dept. of Elec. and Comp. Eng.   Tel: 416-978-0503
10 King's College Rd.                 Fax: 416-971-2843
University of Toronto                 E-mail: martin@eecg.toronto.edu
Toronto, Ontario 
Welcome! I am a member of the Electronics Group in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. My research interests include analog integrated circuits, high-speed data communications, and signal-processing. 
Historically, my research has concentrated on integrated circuit design for signal processing, with an emphasis on analog circuits. Some of my early research had significant impact on integrated analog MOS circuits, which was the precursor to mixed-mode circuit design, an active area currently. I have also been active in digital signal processing and computer-aided tools for analog IC design. Recently, my research has been directed towards sending digital signals electronically over wired and wireless channels. 

My current research is heavily focused on sending video signals over an inexpensive wireless link in the home for applications such as baby monitors and security monitors. Both a system-level design and many of the critical building blocks are being developed. The research involves building blocks such as high-resolution A/D converters, and phase-locked loops, as well as system-level  considerations such as novel modulation schemes (complex double-sideband reduced-carrier), adaptive equalization, and timing and carrier extraction. 

I have written a textbook, co-authored with D. Johns, entitled Analog Integrated Circuit Design which is available from Wiley. This text is intended for first-level graduate courses. I have also currently released a textbook entitled Digital Integrated Circuit Design September, 1999. This text is intended for undergraduate courses in the third or fourth year. I have also co-authored three research books with former Ph.D. students. 

I am always interested in recruiting excellent graduate students to work with me. Interested students need to officially apply before I can comment on their chances of being accepted or receiving Research Assistantships or Scholarships. Please see ECE Graduate Information

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