Related Research

         The SIS logic synthesis software and documentation is available from the Berkeley CAD Software site.

         Charles Alpert has done extensive paritioning work. His site has benchmarks, public-domain code and a detailed survey of algorithms in partitioning.

         Much of the motivation for this work comes from FPGA companies such as Actel, Altera, and Xilinx,

         Vaughn Betz does work on FPGA architecture and placement and global routing algorithms. We used his excellent tool VPR for our experiments.

         Steve Wilton has done work to stochastically generate memory configurations in his work on memory in FPGAs.

         Mohammad Khalid works on architecture for Field-Programmable Systems and should be one of our best customers for random circuits.

         Yaska Sankar used these circuits for his research on fast placement.

         Other FPGA CAD Software written at the University of Toronto is available to download.

         Joel Darnauer has also made a package which generates random circuits. His is intended more towards research in Field-Programmable Systems, and is based on the Rent exponent in a circuit's partition tree.

         Paul Kundarewich is currently working on circuit generation.