General terms and conditions for use of CIRC and GEN software.

1.      The software programs comprising "CIRC" and "GEN," and the documentation provided with them are copyright Michael Hutton, Jonathan Rose and the University of Toronto.

2.      This software is provided "as is" with no warranties or guarantees of support.

3.      All users of the software must "register" by taking an official copy from this site. Users agree to abide by this condition by not redistributing their registered copy of the software to other persons.

4.      You may modify or use the source code for other research endeavours, provided that all copyright attribution on the source code is retained, and the original or modified source code is not reistributed, in whole or in part, or included in or with any commercial product, except by written agreement with the authors, and full and complete attribution for use of the code is given in any resulting publications.

5.      Subject to these conditions, the software is provided free of charge to all interested parties.

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