6th Workshop on Compiler-Driven Performance

October 22, 2007

Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel and Convention Centre

Associated with CASCON 2007
(Oct. 22 - Oct. 25, 2007)

Final Program

Session 1 - Chair: Greg Steffan, University of Toronto
9:00-9:30Challenges Facing Effective Native Code Compilation in a Modern Just-In-Time Compiler (slides)
Elton Fung, John Kacur, Marius Lut, Kenneth Ma, Marius Pirvu, and Mark Stoodley, IBM Toronto
9:30-10:00Idiom Recognition Framework for Exploiting Complex Hardware Instructions (slides)
Pramod Ramarao*, Joran Siu** and Motohiro Kawahito**, *IBM Toronto, **IBM Tokyo
10:00-10:30Practical Assignment Sinking for Dynamic Compilers (slides)
Mark Stoodley, Vijay Sundaresan, Thomas Wong, Reid Copeland, IBM Toronto


Session 2 - Chair: Ondrej Lhotak, University of Waterloo
11:00-11:30Component-Based Lock Allocation (slides)
Richard Halpert, Chris Pickett, and Clark Verbrugge, McGill
11:30-12:00Effective method for Java Lock Reservation for Java Virtual Machines that Have Cooperative Multithreading (slides)
Nikola Grcevski, IBM Toronto


Session 3 - Chair: Arie Tal, IBM Toronto
1:00-1:30Identifying Aliasing Violations in Source Code (slides)
Chris Bowler and Ettore Tiotto, IBM Toronto
1:30-2:00Compiler Optimization Framework for Light-Weight Software-Only Checkpointing (slides)
Chuck Zhao, Cristiana Amza, and Greg Steffan, University of Toronto


Session 4 - Chair: Peng Wu, IBM Watson
2:30-3:00Automatic Parallelization for Graphic Processing Units (slides)
Alan Leung, University of Waterloo
3:00-3:30Eliminating Affinity Tests and Simplifying Shared Accesses in UPC (slides)
Rahul Garg*, Christopher Barton*, Calin Cascaval**, George Almasi** and Jose Nelson Amaral*, *University of Alberta, **IBM Watson