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ECE253F: Digital and Computer Systems

Paul Chow and Parham Aarabi

Fall 2003

The main course web page is on CCNET at

This page is used to provide supplementary information that is related to the course material that you can use for further investigation.

Professional Behaviour and Ethics
A short statement on what it means to be a Professional. Everyone should read this.
Moore's Law
This is an interesting page from Intel's web site showing a plot of the number of transistors in the various Intel processors. It also has a link to Gordon Moore's original paper.
International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS)
This is a prediction of where the semiconductor technology is going and is commonly cited by people when they want this kind of data about the future. It's kind of dry reading, but has useful numbers.
Mask Making at Intel
Found this and it is an overview that you can understand. It talks about the challenges of making ever-smaller transistors.
IEEE Spectrum Sept 2003 - IC Mask Making
There is an interesting article entitled, ``A little light magic'' that talks about how IC masks are made. If the link doesn't work, you should be able to access this site through the UofT library web site. Go to e-Journals and search on ``Spectrum''.

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