Coordinator: Ding Yuan
Course Number: ECE244

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Programming Fundamentals

ECE244, Fall 2022
University of Toronto


∗ [Oct/21] Midterm Solution.

∗ [Oct/5] Past exams released.

∗ [Sept/8] Welcome to ECE 244!

Course Description

In this course provides a foundation in programming using an object-oriented programming language: C++. Topics include classes and objects, inheritance, exception handling, basic data structures (lists, tree, etc.), Big-O complexity analysis, and testing and debugging. The laboratory assignments emphasize the use of object-oriented programming constructs in the design and implementation of reasonably large programs.

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Course grades are available at the UofT Quercus.

Midterm Exam

Oct./17 (Monday): 6:15 - 8:15PM. EX200 (if your lastname begins with H-Z) or EX310 (if your lastname begins with A-G).