Online LU Generator

This page allows you to create hardware (for LU factorization) online. Simply specify or select the value for the parameters below and click the generate button. These parameters are the same as the ones specified in parameter file for the full generator; only a subset is available to be modified online. A link will be provided to download the verilog files for the hardware.

Currently, there is a limited number of floating point operators and memory controllers that can be selected. They are created from the Altera MegaCore IP and are targeted for Stratix III with DDR2 SDRAM as off-chip memory. If you want to use your own cores, you will need to use the download the generator. More detail can be found here.

Please fill in below information to generate hardware

k: number of processing elements (Must be greater than 0)
Approx resources used per PE:
Single precision - 700 ALMs, 1000 reg, 4 DSP 9x9 mult
Double precision - 1400 ALMs 2200 reg, 10 DSP 9x9 mult
blocksize: size of the matrix blocks
Must be multiple of k (automatically rounded up)
Approx memory bits used: 5*blocksize*blocksize*precision
precision: floating point precision
multlat: latency of floating point multiplier
addlat: latency of floating point adder/subractor
Available Memory Controller: parameter will be automatically specified below