Just how fast is the supersmall? Well, as with all processors, the best way to find out how fast it is is to test it out on the code that you're actually going to need it to run. However, to provide you with an idea, here are its scores on some well-known industry-standard benchmarks:
Benchmark Score Score per MHz
Coremark 1.911 iterations/sec 0.01633
Dhrystone 2.1 1.642 DMIPS 0.0140

Also, to help you put things into perspective, here's a graph of the DMIPS scores of some popular processors throughout history:

DMIPS over time

Data obtained from:

As you can see, the supersmall, although clearly not as fast as a modern hard processor, nevertheless is quite capable of doing useful work.

All benchmarks were compiled using the gcc 4.0.2 compiler provided on the download page, using the -O3 optimization setting. All tests were carried out on a supersmall processor running on a Stratix III EP3SL150F1152C3NES FPGA, using on-chip memory, and clocked at 117 MHz.

None of these scores have been officially verified by any regulatory agency. If you conduct your own tests and discover that these results differ significantly, feel free to contact us with your findings.