University of Toronto

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE1762: Algorithms and Data Structures

Fall 2016


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Lecture Notes (Thanks to Hao Jun Liu! 46Mb PDF file)

Course Information


Professor: Andreas Veneris, veneris(AT)eecg(DOT)toronto(DOT)edu, SF-2001
Teaching Assistant: Ryan Berryhill, ryan(AT)eecg(DOT)toronto(DOT)edu, PT463
Admin: Mrs Duba Burin, dubravka(DOT)burin(AT)utoronto(DOT)ca, SF-2001

Class meets every Monday 4pm-6pm at SF-1105 (map) and every Wednesday 6pm-8pm at MC-254 (map).
However, there will be some exceptions with respect to the location (time remains the same), as follows:
--- Oct 24: BA-1220 Bahen Centre (map)
--- Dec 12: SS-1083 Sidney Smith (map)
--- Dec 14: SS-1083 Sidney Smith (map)
Every other week or so, some lecture will be allocated for tutorial time. Some lectures may be cancelled (they will be announced in class and here)
Here is the detailed course information handout [PDF].
This is a quick description .

Tutorials, Handouts and Resources

Problem sets will be addressed in tutorials. Check with the newsgroup for tutorial dates and problems solved. Attempt these problems before hand. Other class handouts are released here as well.


Homeworks can be long and challenging. Have your questions prepared for the weekly tutorials. No late homeworks will be accepted. Credit of each homework (for overall homework weight) is shown in parentheses. You can submit homeworks either in class or to the drop box labeled ECE 1762 in Sandford Fleming down the hall from the ECE undergraduate office (the corridor that connects SF to Galbraith) before the deadline.

Homeworks are to be done in pairs.


Exams consist of few problems similar to those found in homeworks and tutorials.