Instructor: Ding Yuan
Course Number: ECE344

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Operating Systems

ECE344, Winter 2018
University of Toronto

Lab Assignment, ECE344, Winter 2018

A significant element of this class is four programming assignments using the OS161 instructional operating system. You will be programming in C language. Lab assignments will be released here.

Lab 3 has been released.

Lab 2 has been released.

Lab 1 has been released.

Lab 0 has been released.

Lab schedule

Lab 0: 1/19 - 2/2

Lab 1: 2/2 - 2/26

Lab 2: 2/26 - 3/16

Lab 3: 3/16 - 4/11

Late submission

Penalties will be applied for late submission. The late penalty is 20% of the lab's mark for each 24 hours. For example, if the lab is due Feb 3rd, at 6:00PM, and you submit on Feb 5th, at 4:58PM, and your mark under normal grading is 5, then your final mark of this lab will be 3. If you are submitting late, send an email to the TA responsible for the lab BEFORE the normal submission deadline with your group number. (You can find the TA's email in each lab's handout.) Send another email to the TA immediately after you submit.