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Ashvin Goel


ECE and CS
University of Toronto


I am looking for graduate students who are interested in building large software systems, have solid software implementation skills, and get excited about areas such as operating systems, distributed systems, or computer security.

If you are interested in these research areas, please read this information about our research group, and send me mail with your CV and transcripts. I will not reply if you send me a generic admissions inquiry.

If you are interested in applying for graduate studies, please first check the ECE graduate studies and the ECE admissions web pages or send mail to the ECE graduate office for information.

Current Graduate Students

Here are the students who are teaching me everything I know (borrowing a quote from my advisor). Feel free to contact them if you want to learn more about my projects. All the current students below also being being advised by Prof. Angela Demke Brown. Below, I have added the year when each student joined because that encourages fast graduation (TM)!

PhD Students

Masters Students

  • Francis Deslauriers (ECE, 2014)
  • Peter McMcCormick (CS, 2014)

Past Graduate Students

Here is the list of students I have advised in the past (the year listed below is when the student graduated).

PhD Students

Masters Students