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I currently hold 102 issued U.S. patents.

To see a list, go to the US Patent Office search. Perform a Basic Search with Inventor name of Betz and Assignee Name of Altera or Toronto.

Books and Book Chapters

[Book cover] Architecture and CAD for Deep-Submicron FPGAs, V. Betz, J. Rose, and A. Marquardt, Kluwer Academic Publishers, February 1999. 264 pages.
ISBN 0-7923-8460-1

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[Book cover] M. Hutton, V. Betz and J. Anderson, "FPGA Synthesis and Physical Design," Chapter 16 in Electronic Design Automation for IC Implementation, Circuit Design and Process Technology, CRC Press, 2016, pp. 373 - 414.

[Book cover] M. Abdelfattah and V. Betz, "Embedded Networks-on-Chip for FPGAs", Chapter 6 in Reconfigurable Logic: Architecture Tools and Applications, P. Gaillardon Ed., Taylor and Francis, 2015, pp. 149 - 184.

[Book cover] V. Betz, "Placement for General Purpose FPGAs," Chapter 14, in Reconfigurable Computing, A. DeHon and S. Hauck, Eds., Morgan Kauffman, 2007.

[Book cover] M. Hutton and V. Betz, "FPGA Synthesis and Physical Design," Volume 1, Chapter 13, in Electronic Design Automation for Integrated Circuits Handbook, L. Scheffer, L. Lavagno, and G. Martin, Eds., Taylor and Francis CRC Press, 2006, pp. 13-1 to 13-32.

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