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What To Do When You Need (computer) Help?

For all research computer support issues in the ECE, please contact ecehelp AT ece DOT utoronto DOT ca. This allows the ECE support staff keep track of various issues and respond more efficiently.

In the various rooms, there are sets of UNIX manuals which provide more information than is available via the on-line manuals. There are also documents and answers to frequently-asked questions (FAQ) in the directory /eecg/doc. Another new FAQ can be found at: There is also some useful information found at: Another source of information is your fellow students. Don't be shy. Ask them (remember, there is no such thing as a dumb question). They probably had similar difficulties when they first started here.

For all general computer questions, please contact ecehelp AT ece DOT toronto DOT edu. However, in every lab, there's a wizard who can help you with everything from UNIX to X-Windows, from FrameMaker to pine, from Netscape to hung workstations. Any of these people (given that they are not really that busy) would be glad to help you with any problems; although try to avoid bothering ecehelp unless absolutely necessary. A very last course of action involves sending an email to the grads AT eecg DOT toronto DOT edu mailing list. Keep this for serious problems, though!

EECG graduate admin
Last updated June 2004