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The GSU allocates a certain amount of money to the various graduate student groups at the university to spend at our own discretion. It is from this fund that in the past we have paid for the newspaper subscriptions, our annual summer picnics, the fall and spring pizza- & beer-consumption conferences, and some softball gloves and bats for our two co-ed softball teams that compete every summer in the U of T recreational league. If you have a neat idea for an outing or want to put together a recreational sports team or have some other interesting and exciting way to use this money, by all means, let others know ... by word of mouth, posting it to an eecg news group, anything. Your input is needed!

Part of the fees you pay to the university goes to the Athletic Centre. So, for the fall and spring terms, grad students get free membership, which entitles you to use any and all of the Athletic Centre's facilities, like the squash, tennis, badminton, and basketball courts, jogging track, stationary bikes, weight training equipment and pool (to be a member in summer costs a small fee, though). During the winter months, many lab dwellers get their exercise by going skating at Varsity Arena during the specified hours (use “info” to find out when), or by playing pick-up hockey one afternoon a week. Summer is devoted to softball, and all living, breathing bodies are encouraged to come out to join one of the two teams that play on campus in the U of T league (one usually plays in the afternoons, while the other plays in the evenings). The teams play once a week for about seven weeks, and there's usually one practice a week too. However, intra-lab pickup games have been known to spontaneously occur whenever good weather breaks out.

As with food, if you're interested in catching a movie or taking in a concert or a play, let others know; you might find other interested parties, and maybe someone else will ask you to tag along on another occasion.

EECG graduate admin
Last updated June 2004