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ECE512F - Analog Signal Processing - Fall 2010


This course gives an overview of analog signal processing in both continuous-time and discrete-time. The course includes the design of analog filters including transfer function approximation (using MATLAB) as well as filter implementation using active-RC, transconductance-C, and switched-capacitor circuits. Other topics include data converters (Nyquist and oversampling) and noise in analog circuits.

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Nov 25 If you did not pick up your term test 2, they are available just outside my office door.

Nov 10 Term Test 2 material coverage: Lecture 13 to end of Lecture 26 (Noise to end of Oversamping)

Nov 10 Term Test 2 is on Nov 17 (see below)

Oct 18 If you did not pick up your term test 1, they are available just outside my office door.

Oct 12 Term test on Oct 13 will cover up to the end of Filters. (end of lecture 12)

Oct 7 Corrected solution for problem 12.54

Sept 24 Corrected page 29 of Chebyshev filter notes (equation for H(s) was incorrect)

Sept 24 Problem set 2 is assigned.

Sept 13 Monday lectures to be held in GB120 starting Sept 20 til end of term

Aug 1 This web page goes live!!

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David A. Johns    Email:     Office: BA5144 (inside of BA5145)

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"Microelectronic Circuits" (fifth edition) by A.S. Sedra and K.C. Smith, Oxford University Press, 2004     ISBN: 0-19-514251-9

Chapter 12

"Analog Integrated Circuit Design" by D.A. Johns and K. Martin, John Wiley & Sons, 1997     ISBN: 0-471-14448-7

Chapters 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Other useful textbooks (not required)

"Analog Filters" by Kendall L. Su, Kluwer Academic Publishing, 2002 ISBN 1402070330

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Mon         1-2pm      GB120

Wed         9-10am     BA1230

Thur         10-11am   BA1240

First lecture is Thur, Sept 8 at 9am in BA1230 (last lecture is Mon, Dec 6)

Lec # Topic Textbook Section Lecture Notes
Introduction    Introduction.pdf
Complex number review, filter types and specs 12.1  complex_review.pdf
Filter types and specs 12.1 Filter_specs.pdf
Transfer-functions 12.2  Transfer_functions.pdf
Butterworth filters 12.3 Butterworth.pdf
Chebyshev filters 12.3  Chebyshev.pdf
1st and 2nd order filters 12.4  first_second_order.pdf
LCR 2nd order filters 12.5  LCR_second_order.pdf
Direct-form filter notes  Direct_form.pdf
Cascade of biquad design 12.7, notes Biquad.pdf
Active RC biquad design 12.7, notes
Scaling and transformations notes Scaling_transformations.pdf
Noise analysis, models 4.2, 4.3 noise.pdf  
Noise models 4.3  
Noise examples 4.4  
Discrete-time, Laplace and Z transforms, downsampling, upsampling 9.1-9.4 discrete_time.pdf
Discrete-time filters, sample-and-hold 9.5, 9.6  
Switched-capacitor basic blocks and operation 10.1, 10.2 switched_capacitor.pdf
First-order sc filters 10.3  
Biquad sc filters 10.4  two_integrator_loop.pdf
Data Converter Fundamentals 11.1-11.4 converter_fundamentals.pdf
Data Converter Fundamentals - Performance limitations 11.5  
Oversampling - without and with noise shaping 14.1, 14.2 oversampling.pdf
System architectures 14.3  oversamp_examples.pdf
Decimation, higher order, practical limitations 14.4, 14.5, 14.7  
Multibit data converters, design example 14.8, 14.9
D/A converters 12.1-12.4 da_converters.pdf
A/D converters (integrating, successive approx) 13.1, 13.2 ad_converters.pdf adc_examples.pdf
A/D converters (algorithmic, flash, two-step, interpolating) 13.3, 13.4, 13.5, 13.6  multi_stage_converters.pdf
Review Lecture  
A/D converters (pipelined, time-interleaved) 13.8, 13.9
Cont-time filters intro, element replacement 15.1 cont-time_filters.pdf
Cont-time filters intro, element replacement 15.1, notes element_replacement.pdf
Cont-time filters; Bipolar transconductors 15.2  
Dynamic range performance, SFDR 15.8  
Cont-time filters; CMOS transconductors  15.3, 15.4  
CMOS transconductors  15.4  
 Review lecture    

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TUT      01     Wed   4-6pm    BA2175     (starts Wed, Sept 22)

Tutorial schedule: (Term Tests occuring Oct 14 and Nov 18)

Sept 22

Oct 6

Oct 13 (Term Test 1)

Oct 27

Nov 10

Nov 17 (Term Test 2)

Nov 24

Dec 1

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Project (due Dec 1)

The project for this course can be downloaded here: Project

The Project is due at the beginning of the final tutorial on Dec 1.

Your deliverables for the project are a hardcopy report given to the tutor and you should email

the tutor ( your matlab codes in a single zip file.

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Your final grade will be determined by:

Final Exam      50%

Term Test 1     20%     Wed, Oct 13, 2009 4-6pm in BA2175 (in tutorial)

Term Test 2     20%     Wed, Nov 17, 2009 4-6pm in BA2175 (in tutorial)

Project             10%

Tests and exam are closed book. An equation sheet will be included with the tests.

The equation sheet for tests and exam is available here: equation_sheet.pdf

Do NOT bring this sheet to the exam. It will be included as the last page(s) of the test.

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Questions and comments regarding the lecture can be directed to

Questions regarding the tutorial and project can be directed to

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Problem Sets

Solutions for Sedra/Smith problems are posted below.

Solutions for Johns/Martin problems can be found at Johns/Martin Textbook

Problem Set 1 - to be taken up in Sept 22 tutorial Solutions_01

Problem Set 2 - to be taken up in Oct 6 tutorial Solutions_02

Problem Set 3 - to be taken up in Oct 6 tutorial Solutions_03

Problem Set 4 - to be taken up in Oct 27 tutorial (see above bold type for solutions)

Problem Set 5 - to be taken up in Oct 27 tutorial

Problem Set 6 - to be taken up in Nov 10 tutorial

Problem Set 7 - to be taken up in Nov 10 tutorial

Problem Set 8 - to be taken up in Nov 10 tutorial

Problem Set 9 - to be taken up in Nov 24 tutorial

Problem Set 10 -

Previous term tests and exams

Term_test_01_2009.pdf and Term_test_01_2009_solutions.pdf

Term_test_02_2009.pdf and Term_test_02_2009_solutions.pdf

Final_exam_2009.pdf and Final_exam_2009_solutions.pdf

Term_test_01_2010.pdf and Term_test_01_2010_solutions.pdf

Term_test_02_2010.pdf and Term_test_02_2010_solutions.pdf

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